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Hi! We’re Jordy & Levi of Bendy Knees Design Company - a queer, women owned small business out of Birmingham, AL that specializes in murals & installations. We’re constantly searching for empty, public, community spaces. An empty space is a chance to create an experience. A chance to create a moment to breathe, a moment to reflect, and moments of meaning.

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Q&A with Jordan

I love walking away from a space and feeling like a transformation has happened. A transformation in color, in space, in mood, in energy. YEAH! I love creating things with my hands. I love that I get to do this with my partner. I love being from the south and sharing my queer art and love and joy for the whole wide world to see.

Birmingham, AL

where are you from?

why do you love your job?

Homemade buttered biscuits and honey crisp apples

favorite snack?

Below Deck

recent binge?

Hikin’. Swimmin’ in the river. Cuddlin’. Wood workin’. I like to cook!

favorite activity?

Q&A with Levi

Where to begin? I love my job because I create things that will leave an impression on people. The challenge of being a female entrepreneur. Encouraging young creatives to pursue their dreams. Having the opportunity to educate and empower creatives to turn their passion into income. I get to do what I love most for a living.

Ruidoso, NM

where are you from?

why do you love your job?

Popcorn with mustard or a spoonful of peanut butter 

favorite snack?

Wednesday & Nailed It! 

recent binge?

I love to skate with loved ones at the park. I love to be at the park in general. Yoga, picnic, skating at the park! 

favorite activity?

Our world offers a choice

it changes everything.

give it shape,
 infuse it with color,
 make it move.

keep the bare hallways and empty spaces, or

This is what we bring. Take our word for it,

did you know?


5% of artworks on 
major museum walls  in the U.S. are by women

50% of all working artists are women

women are paid 
an average of $0.75 
for every dollar made 
by a male artist

A mural has the power to change a space by conveying a message, depicting history and culture, or even uplifting voices in communities. That powerful message that you want to portray could be related to politics, health, life, information about your company or your mission, etc. It can even be hidden in the design! 

kind words

Feng Shui Practitioner and Interior Decorator at Katie Rogers Feng Shui


“Bendy Knees visions bring a place alive. The women behind the work are lovely humans, and their essence is reflected in these remarkable, fun palettes and shapes that they dream up, which I believe is the special-sauce of what makes their work so vibrant, cool, and in-demand.”

Katie Rogers

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